Diversion Programs

These programs are not only supported by law enforcement and proven to be cost-efficient, but the data shows that they break the cycle of recidivism while increasing access to future employment. As a public defender, Allison has the unique perspective of seeing the need for our system to be both just and effective. To achieve this, Allison would expand adult pre- and post-arrest diversion programs.

Children Should Not Be Tried As Adults

Allison believes that in almost all cases, children should not be tried as adults. Research shows that as children mature with age, they are less likely to reoffend.


Our country’s outdated marijuana laws perpetuate a costly system that redirects funds, public defenders, and taxpayer-funded services to non-violent drug offenders, leaving many cases without the attention they deserve. Allison believes that marijuana use should not be criminally prosecuted, as its criminalization has led to the mass incarceration of mostly Black and brown communities.

Reforming the bail system

Allison believes in reforming the cash bail system for low level nonviolent crimes that criminalize poverty, crowd jails, and burden taxpayers. Many who are innocent of a crime often find themselves stuck in a jail cell, unable to make bail because they cannot afford it. This results in them losing their job and falling into an impossible to break cycle, while the money for food, shelter, and medical support comes out of taxpayers’ pockets.

Establishing a Conviction Integrity and Civil Rights Unit

As your State Attorney, Allison will establish a conviction integrity and civil rights unit, a method proven to decrease wrongful convictions. Units like these ensure to the general public that the State Attorney’s Office is fully committed to making sure our criminal justice system is fair, equitable, and effective.

Modernizing the SAO

Movements in response to the murder of George Floyd are building on an everlasting desire to reform our country’s justice system. To work toward a more perfect union, we must modernize the mechanisms for delivering justice. Floridians deserve a system that can be held accountable, with the transparency we need to develop trust.